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sunfx equipment



Acclaimed by beauty salons and day spas the world over, the SunStation Tanning Tower is the ultimate in professional spray tanning equipment.

Designed to maximise floor space, the stunning SunStation is surprisingly spacious, allowing your clients to move comfortably once inside. Packed with features, the SunStation is simply a work of art.

The sunfx Pro Turbine is conveniently incorporated into the SunStation eliminating the need for any external turbines. The SunStation also features the award-winning ProSpray applicator, complete with EzyMist spray adjuster for unrivalled levels of tanning accuracy.

Of course if you want to deliver the perfect tan, you need to be able to see what you’re doing. Each SunStation features a briliant LED lighting system to perfectly illuminate your subject, giving you unrivalled levels of visibility ensuring each tan is applied evenly and accurately every time. And our LED lighting system offers substantial energy savings compared
with halogen lamps.

Over-spray and fumes are not an issue thanks to the powerful triple extraction filtering system that draws particles down and away from the spraying area perfect for clean air managment. The SunStation has a unique flip down front filter access which ensures it is simple to operate and easy to clean.

Your team will also enjoy the easy to clean glossy surfaces of the SunStation - a simple wipe with a damp cloth is all that’s required to return your SunStation to its sparkling best.

The perfect blend of form and functionality, the sunfx SunStation is a must have investment for any salon.

Powerful inbuilt extractor fan removes even the finest solution particles to enhance client comfort and minimise over-spray. LED Lighting System to perfectly illuminate your client Featuring the award winning SunFX Pro Spray Applicator for perfect coverage and minimal wastage.



Call 1300 132 005 or email info@sunfx.com.au for an individual tailored package to suit you!